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Are you newly single again after many years, and unsure how to meet someone nowadays?

“I'm ready to be in a relationship again, but I don't know how to meet someone”.

“I don't like bars, work isn't an option, and I'm not comfortable putting myself out there on the internet. After all, how can you tell they're who they say they are...”

“I'm so busy, I don't have time to hang out to meet someone...”

  • Has it been a long time since you last dated?

  • Are you uncertain how to feel safe meeting someone for the first time?

  • Do you feel unsure how to navigate the internet dating sites?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're not alone!

Many men and women in their 40's-60's or beyond now find themselves single again. Clubs or bars may have been the place to meet someone in your 20's or 30's, but aren't your style now. As with many baby boomers, the last time you were single might have been some years ago.

If today's dating scene feels like a different era to you, it is! I can understand how bewildered or reticent you may feel about venturing into the cyber-dating world.

The way to meet perspective dates has radically changed over the last decade. Internet dating isn't just for youngsters or techies. It's for anyone hoping to find their next serious relationship.

It's the most effective method today to meet your next partner for anyone, at any age. I'd welcome this opportunity to coach you through this cyberworld, and into a new relationship!


Tired of being single, but nervous about meeting someone online?

“I don't want to have my profile and photo in cyberspace for everyone to see that I'm looking”

“OK, so what's next...I've tried everything and I'm still single! If they're advertising, there must be something wrong with them.” or “It's not fair that I can't meet anyone I'm attracted to. There must be something wrong with me...”

Being single when you'd rather be part of a couple can be lonely. Have you ever had the thought 'what's wrong with me?' or “why can't I meet anyone?”.

You're not alone in this. Many others are in a similar position. Some of those are, like you, attractive, educated, employed and 'eligible' people. It can be hard to persevere in meeting someone compatible, especially if there is a learning curve as to how. I'll willingly accompany you through this process in moving forward with your life. Having a compassionate guide can help you stay on track, recognize potential partners, avoid those with 'red flags', and build confidence!

There isn't anything 'wrong' with you. I can help you feel confident about yourself, lower the volume on those negative thoughts and regain the optimism that may be elusive. I'd welcome the opportunity to coach you through this.

Have you posted a profile, but not followed up?

“I have a profile, but haven't met anyone I want to see again”, or “I've received some 'winks' or 'smiles', but haven't replied because I don't know what to say...!”

We're “hard-wired” to attach to another person. Yet, with our busy lives it can be more difficult then ever to meet someone. I understand how daunting this can be for you, especially if you're closer to the baby boomer generation then 'generation x'.

I can help you demystify this contemporary way of meeting your life partner. If it's been some years since you last dated, times have changed, and the acceptable way to meet someone nowadays could be very different then last time you met your mate.

You don't have to go through this challenge alone. I'd love to help you navigate this exciting way to meet your next mate! I offer coaching sessions via telephone, email or in person to help you.

Maybe you've already considered, or attempted posting a profile. You may have been 'winked' or 'smiled' at. But then what?...How do you move successfully from an interesting or flirty email to a trusting relationship? I'll help you navigate this daunting terrain. Having worked with many singles just like you searching for their next mate, I've had the privilege of witnessing new connections blossom!

Becoming confident and savvy in being able to choose a partner is a process, not an event! I'm excited to help you get on the path to having what you want – a meaningful relationship! I'll help guide you through the possible pitfalls, and coach you through the beginning stages of connection with a potential new partner. You can choose from sessions via phone, email or in person.




  Home Coaching or Therapy Benefits How and Where About Josie Business Coaching

toll free 877-460-9524